Transit-oriented development
Boosting ridership and creating vibrant neighborhoods within walking distance to transit

U-District 45th & Roosevelt TOD

Map of the Transit Oriented Development area near U District Station

Sound Transit owns a property at 1000 NE 45th Street in Seattle’s U District, about two blocks from U District Station, which we used during Northgate Link light rail construction.

Now we’re making this property near the core of the U District available for transit-oriented development, which could include housing, retail, office and/or community space.

Project updates

In 2021, we worked to learn more about the community’s aspirations for TOD near our new U District station, and we heard strong support for maximizing affordable housing for families and individuals in this high opportunity neighborhood in very close proximity to the station. 

You can read the public feedback we gathered throughout our engagement process in our Community Engagement Report (see the Documents section on this page for summaries in four languages).

In 2022, the Sound Transit Board of Directors directed staff to offer the site for affordable housing development. You can read the Board’s action here.

After a multi-year process working in partnership with the city’s Office of Housing and Department of Transportation, on September 5, 2023, the Seattle City Council approved Sound Transit’s petition to vacate the alley that bisects the site. You can learn more and read the legislation here.

Ongoing work

On September 29, 2023, we released a joint request for proposals (RFP) with the Office of Housing. You can learn more on Sound Transit’s vendor portal.

Upcoming milestones*

  • Q1 2024 - Select top-ranked proposal and begin negotiations 

* Note: Milestone dates are subject to change

Project facts

  • Size: Approximately 18,000 square feet, or about the size of six tennis courts
  • Opening date: To be determined
  • Construction start: 2025 (target)
  • Affordability: To be determined

Temporary use: Tiny home village

While we prepare for permanent development on the U District 45th & Roosevelt TOD site, Sound Transit has leased the property to the City of Seattle at no cost for use as a temporary tiny house village. The one-year lease term can be extended through 2024.

The village provides 36 furnished residential units and houses up to 65 people experiencing homelessness. Rosie’s Tiny Home Village is overseen by the King County Regional Homelessness Authority and operated by the Low Income Housing Institute. A community advisory committee supports the success of the village. Contact Josh Castle at LIHI to get involved.