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Two construction workers in yellow vests place a sticker that says "We got you covered" on the front of a Link train. The sticker is shaped like a face mask.
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2020 looked a little different, but through it all, we kept moving.

2020: The year in photos and videos

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2020... It's been a year. What can we say, except that we've never been more ready for the next one!

Take a look back at the year, from Connect 2020 to COVID-19, with some of our favorite photos:

This year brought big changes to our world, from a global pandemic to a widespread movement for racial and social justice. 

It taught us that we are resilient - and that we can find ways to stand together while staying apart.

One of our favorite memories of the year was when communities in South King County came together to support local artists. 

This year renewed our appreciation for essential workers - doctors, nurses, delivery drivers and of course, transit operators - all of whom risked their lives on the frontlines. 

Thanks to all of the heroes who kept us safe and moving in 2020. 

Through it all, we were able to continue our commitment to Powering Progress around the region with transit expansion projects.

Take a look back at some of our top Platform stories and moments! 

2020 milestones

1. Completed the Connect 2020 project (Can you believe that happened this year?!)

2. Constructed infrastructure for people walking and riding to new stations

3. Announced a new line naming system (So ready for the 1 Line in 2021!) 

4. Committed to becoming an anti-racist organization

5. Broke ground on the Federal Way Link Extension (With this amazing video to help us celebrate virtually!) 

6. Stayed on track to open the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension in 2022, East Link in 2023 and Lynnwood in 2024

7. Finished construction on the downtown Bellevue tunnel (We can dig that!) 

8. Celebrated 20 years of Sounder South

9. Made progress on transit-oriented developments around the region, from Rainier Valley to Bellevue and more (What could be better than affordable housing near transit?) 

10. Continued planning and fieldwork on projects like the West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions

There's a lot to look forward to in 2021 and beyond, including 28 new light rail stations (!). 

It's crazy to think that the Northgate Link Extension will be opening next year. 

We took a lot for granted before COVID-19: attending to a movie or a ball game, hugging a friend and even just going about our daily routines (including our commutes). 

Here's to a new year, new transit connections and continued focus on equity, inclusion and safety.

When we all get moving again, we'll be here for you. Just like always. 

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