A map shows the Overlake Transit Center (between SR 520, NE 40th St and 156th Ave NE).
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Riders should check for signs directing them to their new bus stops in this transit loop as early as Dec. 23.

Overlake Transit Center bus stops are moving

Buses, Connectors and shuttles will begin using the first floor of the new Overlake Transit Center (soon to be Redmond Technology Station) parking garage this month.

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People who catch an ST Express, King County Metro bus, Microsoft Connector or Microsoft Shuttle at the Overlake Transit Center have seen a lot of change over the past couple of years, starting when East Link construction began in 2017 and their bus stops moved to their current location.

Since then, riders have had a front-row view of construction crews building the new 320-stall parking garage for the future Redmond Technology station

Construction fencing surrounds a new parking garage and future light rail station at Redmond Technology Center.
East Link (and this parking garage) will open in 2023.

There’s still work to complete, but starting as early as *Dec. 23, buses and Microsoft Connectors and shuttles will begin using new interim stops on the transit loop that runs on the ground floor of the parking structure.

This move will give riders protection from the elements, and a preview of transit to come.

Things will really start moving in March 2020. Sound Transit plans to start changing signs and schedule information from Overlake Transit Center to Redmond Technology Station for the spring service change.

This won’t be a big change, but some services may be adjusted slightly within the transit loop as construction wraps up.

Also, as part of the March 2020 service change, a new ST Express Route 544 will begin service running between the Overlake Transit Center/Redmond Technology Station, the South Kirkland Park-and-Ride lot and South Lake Union via Stewart Street. Buses on Route 544 will run every 15 minutes during rush hours.

Find more information about ST Express Route 544 in the 2020 Service Plan

Sound Transit expects construction of the Redmond Technology Station and garage to be mostly complete in mid-late 2020, when the systems contractor that will install electrical and signal equipment takes over. 

The parking garage isn’t scheduled to open until East Link begins operating in 2023, but the wait should be more pleasant under its protective cover. 

For now, riders should look for signs at the Overlake Transit Center directing them to their new bus stops as early as *Dec. 23, and subscribe to alerts for the latest information.

*Please note – if the work is delayed due to construction, the relocation would take place after the New Year.

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