Sounder Maintenance Base

Image of Sounder Yard and Shops

Sound Transit plans to build an operations and maintenance facility to service Sounder commuter trains. This project is part of the ST2 system expansion plan approved by voters to accommodate existing and future ridership growth.

Sound Transit will be constructing a new, approximately 60,000 square-foot railroad storage facility on the Sounder Rail Yard site between Steilacoom Boulevard Southwest and 100th Street Southwest in the City of Lakewood. Additional right of way will be required for the project.

The facility will contain maintenance bays, material storage areas, offices and facilities for employees. Supporting facilities such as roadway, site lighting, drainage facilities, and required utility infrastructure are included in the project.

The project will be delivered as a design-build project. Completion is expected by 2023.

In 2017, Sound Transit completed an expansion of the Sounder Yard in the same location, which included adding a third layover track and a train and engine crew building.

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