Lakewood Station Access Improvements

Sounder train arrives at Lakewood station with amenity icons overlaid.


Sound Transit is investing in better walking, bicycling, and bus facilities in Lakewood. Filling gaps such as missing sidewalks, ADA ramps or bike lanes, will make it easier to get to Lakewood Station and Sounder train service, as well as destinations around the neighborhood.

The Lakewood Station Access Improvements project was approved by voters in 2008. In 2021, we identified and evaluated over 50 options for improving access to the station and around the neighborhood. At the conclusion of that phase, over 30 improvements were advanced for further study.  We are now conducting early design and conceptual engineering, and expect to share updated information with the public in late 2022. We anticipate construction could start as early as 2025, and all improvements will be complete by 2030.

Sound Transit's Sounder train service gives Pierce County residents a dependable, traffic-free commute to and from Seattle. Seven round-trip trains run every weekday between Lakewood and Seattle. A smooth, comfy, Wi-Fi-enabled trip from Lakewood Station to Seattle's King Street Station takes about 75 minutes.