Elevator closure

Ongoing: Elevator outage at University Street Station. The elevator at Exit C serving the street (Seneca St & 3rd Ave) and South Mezzanine is out of service.

To ride the 1 Line from 2nd Ave:

1. Passengers can access both platforms from Exit B (2nd Ave & UniversitySt).

Passengers requiring elevator service must board at another station.

To ride the 1 Line from 3rd Ave:

1. Go to the King County Metro bus stop at 3rd Ave & Union St.
2. Take northbound route 5 to 3rd Ave & Pine St for Westlake Station.
3. Street level elevators at Westlake Station are located on Pine St between 3rd and 4th Ave.

To exit the station to 2nd Ave:

1. Go to the opposite end of the platform toward Exit B.
2. Take the elevator up to the North Mezzanine.
3. Exit via the pedestrian walkway at Exit B (2nd Ave & University St).