ST Express bus, Link light rail, Sounder train alert

ORCA System Upgrade Status

Several Routes, 1 Line, N Line, S Line & T Line
Posted: May 16 - 6:39 a.m. (updated: Aug 1 - 1:41 p.m.)

Starting May 16, 2022 through the end of September 2022, the ORCA system will be going through an upgrade.  During the transition customers may experience value load delays at retail locations and card outages at vending machines. For the latest news and updates on ORCA visit

Vending machines may be temporarily sold out of ORCA cards during transition

  • This issue only effects customers that do not already have an ORCA card. Vending machines will continue to reload all card types with money and passes
  • Customers can also order a card at Please note online orders may take longer than the typical 5-7 business day delivery time
  • If you have a card already, please keep using it, it will continue to work indefinitely. The new card design is not being sold during transition
  • In locations with more than one machine, customers who need a card are encouraged to try another machine

Customers can use other payment methods

Other options if a vending machine is sold out of cards include:

  • Paying with cash
  • Using the Transit GO Ticket app
  • Purchasing a paper ticket (if you are using Sound Transit Link light rail or Sounder)

What you need to know

  • You do not need a new card. All cards will work indefinitely. The new card design is not being sold during transition
  • Retail stores will only load E-purse value and no longer sell passes. You can convert E-purse value to a pass at, with the mobile app, at vending machines or visiting customer service
  • While technology is updated, all value loaded at a retail store location will experience a one-hour delay before it is available for use
  • All customers who had an account at will need to set up a new account at or with the myORCA app. We encourage all riders to set up an account, however it is not required to use ORCA
  • All ORCA Autoloads have expired. Set-up your Autoload again at

Masks are recommended by public health authorities while on-board transit.