Elevator outage

Elevator and escalator service status

Posted: Nov 2 - 1:59 p.m. (updated: May 30 - 1:38 p.m.)

*This outage list is updated once every 24 hours, Monday through Friday (except Holidays), and does not include short-term outages that may occur throughout the day. Short-term outage alerts can be found on our Service alerts page. To receive real-time notifications of short-term outages, subscribe to Accessibility Transit Alerts.

Elevator outages

Station Unit # ADA critical Location Reason Estimated return
University Street Station #506 YES Southbound mezzanine to surface Mechanical Tentative - 6/02
Westlake Station  #306   Northbound mezzanine to surface - center square Scheduled Maintenance Tentative - 7/7

Escalator outage

Station Unit # Location Reason Estimated return

International District / Chinatown Station

#904 Southbound platform to Angle Lake to street level - Up only Environmental  Tentative - 6/15
University Street Station #503 Northbound mezzanine to surface - Up Only Scheduled Maintenance 5/26
University Street Station #506 Northbound surface to mezzanine - Down Only Mechanical  TBD
Westlake Station #304 Southbound platform to mezzanine - Macy's - up only Scheduled Maintenance Tentative - 6/1

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