Link light rail alert
Single tracking Ongoing

1 Line trains are sharing one track from Angle Lake Station to SeaTac/Airport Station from Sunday, May 12 at 12:01 p.m. through end of service Friday, May 31 due to maintenance activity. Please board all trains on the platform to Northgate.

In effect: May 12 - June 1

Routes: 1 Line
A train will run every 15 - 20 minutes between SeaTac/Airport Station and Angle Lake Station. All passengers who need to continue to the Angle Lake Station must transfer at SeaTac/Airport Station using the Northgate platform to continue towards Angle Lake.

An alternative option for passengers would be taking KCM RapidRIde A line, which runs every 10 minutes and serves Angle Lake, SeaTac/Airport, and Tukwila International Blvd stations. Link passengers who opt to take the A Line will need to pay for this fare during the single tracking operations.

Please note the travel times between SeaTac/Airport Station and Angle Lake Station will remain the same on the May 27 holiday.

Affected direction: to Northgate

Affected stops:
Angle Lake