Northgate Station

Serving Northgate Mall and North Seattle College.
System Expansion web map for Northgate Station

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Northbound trains emerge from the Maple Leaf tunnel portal and rise to the elevated Northgate Station spanning Northeast 103rd Street. Station entrances are located on mall property near the Northgate Transit Center. Extending north of the station the turn-back tracks mark the start of the Lynnwood Link Extension, opening in 2024.

Web cam: Watch the construction of the Northgate Station.

Travel time: Northgate to Westlake - 14 minutes

Station Art

Mary Ann Peters was inspired by the nature and sounds of the Northgate area. With an homage to the Washington State Insect, the Green Darner dragonfly, she created a painting in glass for the west clerestory of the platform. Peters uses multiple layers of information to build an image, leaving a record of ideas and shifting visuals for the viewer to follow.  

Cris Bruch’s plaza sculpture serves as a landmark and meeting place for train riders and neighbors from the nearby urban village. A large, gracefully arching, painted-steel structure, the sculpture emulates natural forms and public utility structures. Aluminum baskets hang from the ends of the branches, collected into bunches the artist calls “blossoms.” Bruch describes his other sculpture, located on 1st Avenue Northeast near the north entrance, as a large, “low-dimension cluster of polyhedrons” mounted on the station’s greenery screen wall.