Outreach team

We're here to help. Find the person who represents the project you're interested in and get in touch. 

Andrea Burnett

Community Outreach Specialist (206) 903-7522

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Cam Cote

Community Outreach Coordinator (206) 903-7321

Rossana Garner

Business Mitigation Specialist (206) 689-3373

Elizabeth Guevara

Community Outreach Specialist (206) 689-4743

Roger Iwata

Community Outreach Corridor Supervisor (206) 689-4904

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Paige Johnson

Senior Administrative Specialist (206) 370-5581

Blake Jones

Community Outreach Specialist (206) 398-5470

Jennifer Lemus

Community Outreach Corridor Supervisor (206) 398-5314

Barbara Luecke

Art Program Manager (206) 398-5059

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Tim Marsden

Art Collection Specialist (206) 903-7537

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Jeff Munnoch

DECM Community Outreach Director (206) 398-5131 (206) 713-8677 (mobile)

Jeanette Ordoñez

Community Outreach Specialist (206) 689-4862

Olivia Rother

Community Outreach Specialist (206) 689-3366

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Mylinda Sneed

Public Art Coordinator (206) 689-4978

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Lauren Wheeler

Community Outreach Specialist (206) 903-7004

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What we do

Community outreach's mission is to represent Sound Transit's interests in the community, and the community's interest in Sound Transit. It's our job to proactively facilitate, develop and maintain relationships within the community in order to plan and build our projects.

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