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Roosevelt Station

Roosevelt Station rendering 90 percent.

This station will be located along the west side of 12th Ave NE between NE 65th and NE 67th streets in the Roosevelt neighborhood. The station will include a plaza with seating, public art and bike parking. 

Riders will board trains underground through two entrances - one at NE 65th Street and one at NE 67th Street. Entrances include elevators, escalators and stairs.

Ride to the airport in about 45 minutes or north to Northgate in about two minutes. Connect to buses on NE 65th Street, 12th Ave NE and Roosevelt Way NE.


Mode: Link light rail

Open for service: 2021

Ride time: 

  • Roosevelt to Westlake: 10 minutes
  • Roosevelt to Sea-Tac Airport: 45 minutes
  • Roosevelt to Northgate Station: 3 minutes


Phase: Design & Construction

Station: Cut and cover

Tunnels: Tunnel boring machines excavated and built northbound and southbound train tunnels

Funding: Federal grants, motor vehicle excise tax (MVET) and local sales tax

Design of the station was completed in 2015 and construction of the station is ongoing.  

View the 90 percent station design presentation

Key features

  • The station platform will be about 80 feet below ground
  • Two entrances with pedestrian plazas: elevators, escalators and stairs at each entrance
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Emergency ventilation structures
  • Bicycle storage
  • Public art

Construction of the Northgate Link Extension began in fall 2012.

NE 66th and NE 67th streets are closed just west of 12th Ave NE.

Crews are currently

  • Building the Roosevelt Station.

Tunnel construction, early 2015 - late 2017 (complete)

Station construction, mid 2017 - late 2019 (in progress)

  • Construction of the station (floors, stairs, mezzanines, elevators, the above ground entrance to the station, landscaping, etc.)
  • Daytime work.

Systems installation and testing, mid 2019 - late 2020

  • Install rails and communications, electrical, emergency and other systems in the tunnels and stations.
  • Test systems and test-run light rail trains.

Temporary art during construction

Sound Transit plans to keep neighborhoods active and interesting during construction. That includes launching a temporary art program for the construction sites in the U-District, Roosevelt and Maple Leaf/Northgate neighborhoods. 

A panel of community members and art professionals selected Christian French as lead artist for the Roosevelt construction site.  The lead artist will define art opportunities and manage the temporary art program.

Temporary art will be installed beginning in summer 2014.

More information about STart, Sound Transit's art program

Station art

A panel of art and design professionals and community representatives chose the artists creating permanent art at Roosevelt station.

R&R Studios, the team of Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt, will focus on the street level experience at the station. The Living Room, their 42-foot tall streetscape home turned inside-out, has become an icon in Miami where they live.

Luca Buvoli will create artwork for the Roosevelt Station interior. Buvoli combines his training in science with his explorations in sculpture. He recently installed a large suspended sculpture at Houston's Hobby Airport.

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